About the Contest

Much like our annual WHERE Challenge, WHERE Challenge Mini is designed to inspire youth to discover the non-renewable resources that are used to make the items we use every day. Each individual contest is a condensed version of the larger WHERE Challenge for those who are unable to enter the main contest.

*Please note that this contest is only available to Canadian residents.*

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December Contest

‘Tis the season to bake! While enjoying the winter months and cozying up with delicious and warm homemade treats, we want to know if you have ever considered what mined materials you have in your own kitchen that are important for baking? Not only do some ingredients come from minerals, but the appliances and equipment needed to bake those sweet treats are made from non-renewable resources. Mining Matters is challenging you to consider what materials are needed to bake your favourite holiday treats.

Logo with the text 'WHERE Challenge Mini' is displayed prominently. Below the logo is a smaller text that acknowledges the challenge sponsor, 'Teck Resources Limited.' Images shows various holiday cookies, baking ingredients, and an electric mixer. The overlaid text on the image asks the question "What minerals are used to bake your favourite holiday treats? and extends an invitation to the reader to take part in the November challenge by visiting the website WHEREChallenge.ca. At the bottom of the image, the words 'water,' 'hazards,' 'energy,' 'resources,' and 'environment' are neatly displayed. These words represent the acronym 'WHERE' and symbolize the diverse areas where Earth scientists work.

The Challenge: Choose one item that you use when baking, such as an ingredient, an appliance, or baking equipment, and write a short paragraph about at least one mined material (rocks, minerals, metals) in that item and where in the world that mined material likely comes from.

BONUS Entry: Bake something for the holidays using your chosen item and send us a picture of what you made!

How to Enter:
1. Use the top of the registration form to submit your entry (and bonus)! Additional entries can be submitted through submitting the form again or emailed to info@miningmatters.ca, please use the subject line: WHERE Challenge Mini. Please ensure your name AND your parent’s name are included in the email so we can properly allocate your additional entries.
2. Complete the registration form. Parental/legal guardian consent is required.

*Once you have registered, you can submit as many answers as you would like. Each unique set of answers will get you an extra entry into the draw*.

Deadline to enter: December 20 at 11:59 PM ET. A winner will be selected by random draw and will be sent an email.

Prize: Winners will receive a Mining Matters Prize Pack full of geology-themed activities!

Mining Matters thanks all participants. Remember – if you don’t win this month, check back next month for another challenge!

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